New routes to narrating migration

Our publication on storytelling about mobility, exile and migration

In recent years, one topic has figured perhaps more than any other in the media: migration. Stories about refugees, cross-border movement and human mobility have filled magazine and newspaper pages, directing our attention that way. In many ways, it seems that our worlds are shaped more than ever before by the causes and effects of human migration.
New routes to narrating migration is a publication that follows the storytelling process from beginning to end, step by step. Each chapter looks at a certain step along the way, starting from asking things about the journalists or storytellers themselves to ending with the publication of the finalised story.
The publication builds on interviews made with journalists, researchers, civil society activists and other storytellers working in Lebanon and elsewhere, all of whom at some point participated in a Switch Perspective workshop. It also profits from knowledge created in our trainings and workshops on the topic of migration, including takeaways from numerous discussions, reflections and shared experiences.
Find the entire publication here or click the links to read it chapter by chapter. Contact us on for hard copies in English or Arabic.