or what comes out of what we do

We are always in the process of documenting the knowledge generated in our workshopss and trainings: learning processes and moments of exchange, methods and strategies for acting in different settings; new ideas generated as a result of meetings and interactions.
In 2020, we began to dedicately work on a publication following the storytelling process of a journalist, researcher or storyteller. We interviewed a number of former participants to our workshops, including many people who form part of our core alumni, asking them questions about their experiences of working on migration and mobility.
Based on these interviews, and on interactions with people joining our workshops in the past, we produced the publication New Ways of Narrating Migration.

During many of our workshops, participants produce stories – written, audio or video pieces – that serve both as examples of their own reflective process and as a continuation of the collaborative work that started during the workshops and trainings.

Story production during our workshops

All stories produced during the international workshops co-organised between Mashallah News in Beirut, Tabadol in Lyon and Bapob in Berlin were published on a shared website called Wejhat. Written articles, visual stories and individual reflections are published alongside collaborative productions, all speaking in one way or another about migration and mobility.

Stories from past participants:

An award-winning story about Syrian artists in Lebanon who encourage children to find their Syrian identity.

A cartoon about trying, in vain, to find answers to your family history and sense of belonging.

A radio interview with a sound artist who creates music from urban sounds.

The story of Umm Talal who brought one possession with her when escaping Syria: a sewing machine.

An ode to a long lost family member, gone since the dark days of the Lebanese Civil War.

A reverse article, in which the author looks back at something he wrote in an earlier stage.

A story chronicling the before, during and after of the sense of fear of the unknown.

A text about always getting asked: Where are you from? What are your roots?